Treatment for OSFED

If a person’s symptoms don’t exactly fit the expected symptoms for anorexia, binge eating disorder, or bulimia, they might be diagnosed with an “other specified feeding or eating disorder” (OSFED).. There isn’t a specific treatment plan for OSFED because cases differ greatly, so your healthcare team will consider your individual needs when thinking about treatment.


Therapy can be recommended as part of the treatment for eating disorders in order to tackle the underlying thoughts and feelings that cause the illness and encourage healthier ways of coping. In the case of OSFED, it’s best for your doctor to look at the treatment plan for the eating disorder that your symptoms most closely resemble. You can read about the different types of therapy in our glossary.

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Self-help and support groups

Self help and support groups where you’re able to talk to others going through similar experiences can be useful to both sufferers and their families throughout treatment and in sustaining recovery. Please search our Helpfinder database for information about what’s available in your area. Alternatively, Beat runs online support groups for people with eating disorders.

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