The Cottage

Referral Criteria & Process

If you are interested in receiving treatment at The Cottage, our Programme Co-ordinator will send you our information pack detailing cost, your options, rules, and an example of a typical week on the programme. Knowing exactly what the stay will entail, allows clients to feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Our Enquiry team assess every individual thoroughly before they are admitted. The assessment can be either over the phone, via Skype or in person. A face-to-face meeting offers the chance to view the Cottage first. This is a complimentary and confidential process which will give you the opportunity to discuss and explore all treatment options available. We also carefully review the client's medical history to ensure that their needs can be met. Through this process your assessor will be able to identify your initial issues and any contributing factors.


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Availability: 24 hrs
Age Groups: (0-15) (16-18) (19-25) (25+)
Fees: Yes
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Types of Support:
Types of Service:
Independent Treatment Centre