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Raising Resilience

less than 24 hours

Age Range

10 - 100

Types of Service

NHS Commissioned Service Carer Service Charities and monitored support/peer groups that provide support for people with eating disorders and/or their friends and families


Binge Eating Disorder
Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Comorbidity (EDs and other MH conditions)
Rumination Disorder

Delivery Methods


A series of online workshops tackling common challenges that anyone supporting a loved one with an eating disorder may face.

Raising Resilience workshops focus on helping carers understand the importance of caring for themselves, as well as their loved one. Over the course of five two-and-a-half hour weekly sessions, you will learn skills in carer self-care, how to handle mealtime stress, setting boundaries, and how to support your loved one at each stage of recovery.

The workshop will be delivered by an experienced eating disorder clinician and, wherever possible, you will hear from someone who has lived experience of an eating disorder.

Raising Resilience is for anyone aged 18+ and supporting a loved one with an eating disorder in a personal capacity. This could be parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or partners.

Create an account on POD and click Browse Events to see workshops available to you.

If you are in the West Essex region, due to limited funding, Raising Resilience may not be available in your area. Please contact the training team on to find out more.

Referral Criteria & Process

You can self-refer into this workshop by using the 'Go to website' or 'Contact us' button and creating an account on POD. Once you have an account, click 'Browse Events' to see workshops available to you.
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