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Raising Resilience referral

less than 24 hours

Age Range

10 - 100

Types of Service

NHS Commissioned Service Carer Service Charities and monitored support/peer groups that provide support for people with eating disorders and/or their friends and families


Binge Eating Disorder
Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Comorbidity (EDs and other MH conditions)
Rumination Disorder

Delivery Methods


A series of workshops tackling common challenges that carers face. Learn more about the challenges carers face – and how to deal with them. Raising Resilience is a free workshop series that helps carers tackle common issues one by one. Clinicians will run five two-and-a-half-hour workshops over five weeks. You’ll join along with others caring for their own loved one, and learn ways to handle issues like mealtime stress, boundary setting and more. Raising Resilience is open to parents, partners, siblings, and anyone else caring for a loved one.

Referral Criteria & Process