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We are independent, qualified professionals with extensive experience of working in NHS Adult Specialist Psychological Therapies and Eating Disorders Services. We work with a variety of life and psychological difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety, anger, personality disorders, phobias,low self-esteem, life crisis, body image disturbances, terminations, boarding school syndrome amongst a few) and we have a special interest and particular expertise in the treatment of Eating Disorders. 

Together, we are trained in all the major approaches recommended by the NICE guidelines in the treatment of Eating Disorders, as well as other therapies. We are aware that "one size does not fit all" and will use our expert knowledge in the treatment of eating disorders to tailor therapy to suit the client's needs. We are particularly curious about what makes each of us unique and we will endeavour to work with you in order to address your difficulties.

Referral Criteria & Process

We accept referrals from health professionals and self-referrals. Please contact us to discuss your needs via phone or email using the details below. We can also call you at a suitable time if you request a call back. | Phone: 07487 510 009 | Email: contact@oxfordmindandbody.co.uk



All professionals are qualified with experience of working in the NHS Specialist and Eating Disorders services. More information on each professional can be found on our website.

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Last Updated: 10/02/2020

130 High Street
Second Floor

Age Groups: (0-15) (16-18) (19-25) (25+)
Fees: Yes

Initial assessment: £130

Individual sessions: between £100-130

Types of Support:
Face to face
Guided self-help
Binge eating disorder
Body dysmorphia
Body image
Comorbidity (eating disorders and other mental health conditions)
Compulsive overeating
Emotional overeating
OSFED - other specified feeding and eating disorders
Over exercising
Self esteem
Types of Service:
Independent Treatment Centre
Types of Treatment:
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT)
Family Therapy
Focal Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Mentalisation based treatment (MBT)
Other Psychotherapy