NHS Pathway

We have created this guide with the assistance of our Young People’s Forum and Ambassadors to take the fear out of treatment and assist you in your journey through it. Select the options from the right-hand menu to find out the your journey through the NHS. The information resources on HelpFinder will:

• Guide you through the treatment process in the NHS

• Explain how to get the best from the treatment process

• Inform you about what you are entitled to

• Inform you about the NICE guidelines

• Explain to you the roles of different professionals

• Offer tips from other young people

We hope that you find this guide useful and that seeking help and getting treatment helps you to beat your eating disorder. Eating disorders can be beaten.

I found it so hard when I started recovering – I never thought I could get through it. I basically saw it as an impossible task. But with help and time you start to realise and understand what those around you are saying and how their concerns are right. You just have to keep at it and it does get easier.
There were so many times when I thought I was never going to get better, that things were never going to end. But I have and they have, and now I am living a happy life again…

NB: Not all eating disorder services that the NHS provide are listed on HelpFinder. Contact your local NHS trust for definitive information on local eating disorder services.