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less than 24 hours

Age Range


Types of Service

NHS Commissioned Service Charities and monitored support/peer groups that provide support for people with eating disorders and/or their friends and families


Binge Eating Disorder

Delivery Methods


Clinically recommended, guided self-help for binge eating disorder. Momentum gives you the tools to beat binge eating disorder. This three-month guided self-help programme is clinically recommended – your first step to beating binge eating. Connect with a Beat advisor who’ll support you as you work through Dr. Christopher Fairburn’s Overcoming Binge Eating. (We’ll send this to you before you get started.) They’ll check in with you for eight sessions during the programme, encouraging you as you overcome distressing urges and develop a healthier relationship to food. You don’t need a formal diagnosis, and it’s totally free. Momentum is open to anyone aged 18 and over.

Referral Criteria & Process

You can self-refer into this Programme using the Go to website button.
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