Hi, I'm Kendra. I'm a lover of food and life, whose relationship with food, body, and self, has varied over the years, including a 10 year stint of bulimia and over-exercising, and finding a way out of both. I found freedom by re-connecting with who I truly am, with my core identity, and making changes in my life to reflect my core. While this is a daily practice, it has given me freedom with food and my body. I can cook whatever I want, have 'forbidden foods' in my kitchen without fear of binging, I can eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. And I move, strengthen, and take care of my body in ways that feel good, are fun, and are not punishing myself or preventing weight gain.I help others experience this same freedom. I can help you reconnect with your true self, so that your body and your relationship to food no longer defines your identity. I believe that all of the answers we are looking for as to 'how do I get better?' lie within us. I help you find those answers. I offer a tailored approach to your specific situation. Together, we outline what issues you are facing that are keeping you in your current relationship to food and body, and we map out where you want to go from there.We can work together virtually or in person, depending on location. I also offer workshops and courses on-line and in the Swansea area.  You can find out more about private coaching and group support at www.thetrueyouproject.com.

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I am here to help you regardless of whether or not you fit into an 'eating disorder' category. Our relationship to food, body and self lies on a continuum. Whether or not you are diagnosed with an eating disorder, if you want your relationship to food, body and self to be different, then you have already figured out the first step, and you are in the right place.Visit www.thetrueyouproject.com to find out more and one-one-on coaching services and other resources for you. Contact me at kendratanner121@gmail.com to arrange a time to speak.


Founder of The True You Project, and creator of Your True You Journey, and 8 week guide to healing your heart and accepting yourself, 2015-present Life Coaching for freedom with food and body, 2013-present Course Leader, New ID (Eating disorder recovery course), London 2008-2010 Sport & Exercise semester abroad, Birmingham University, research paper on male & female prevalence of eating disorders in different sports, 2001 B.S. Human Development, Cornell University, 2002

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Last Updated: 20/02/2018
Availability: Tuesday-Thursday 10am-5pm
Age Groups: (19-25) (25+)
Fees: Yes
Types of Support:
Face to face
Group/peer support
Guided self-help
Self esteem
Types of Service:
Private Practitioner
Types of Treatment:
Other Psychotherapy