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HelpFinder is a searchable database of help and support services for people with eating disorders or who think that they may have an eating disorder in the United Kingdom.

The information on HelpFinder is provided by the individual, group or organisation offering the service. You are strongly advised to check that the service is appropriate for your specific requirements, and that the individual, group or organisation is currently registered with the relevant professional body.

If the service you are choosing is not an NHS service, we would also advise contacting your GP to ensure you receive the right medical advice. The MEED document provides guidance on red flag symptoms that mean an experienced clinician in the hospital will need to review your physical safety. Please contact 999 or visit your local A&E in the event of an emergency.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, but will amend listings if an inaccuracy is brought to our attention through the form on each lister's page.

Inclusion of a service on HelpFinder does not in any way imply any endorsement by Beat.

Private Practitioners that are registered or accredited by a professional body have the option to display this information on their listing. We cannot guarantee that this information is accurate and/or up-to-date and we strongly advise that you check if the chosen Practitioner is accredited before proceeding with any treatment.

We make every effort to keep the information on HelpFinder up-to-date, however, we cannot accept responsibility for any people or services mentioned on HelpFinder. You should always check any information with the relevant service before acting or relying on it. If you have any concerns about an individual, group or organisation listed, please email the applicable professional body in the first instance.

We reserve the right to remove any listing from HelpFinder without prior notification.

We recommend reading our guidance on accessing treatment and our other informational pages about eating disorders.

The full terms of conditions for our website including HelpFinder can be found in Our Policies and Guidelines.