Helen Clare


My daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder 3 years ago and has been inpatient twice. Thanks to the dedicated and professional staff in the ED unit and psychiatric unit she has now been discharged for over a year and is slowly returning to normal life. Like most people we have found this to be a frightening and isolating experience and although the first point of contact if you are worried should be your GP and CAMHS I have gained a huge amount of carer experience. I've made mistakes and learned so much. I feel now that I want to support sufferers and carers as I found so little face to face support, it would have made a big difference to have someone to have a cuppa with who understood exactly how I felt and still do some days. So join me to chat things through, you can cry on a bad day and we will smile on a good day. We can 'just keep going' together.

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Last Updated: 23/04/2018

Rannoch Drive
NG19 6QX

I am happy to help any age or gender, sufferer or carer.

Fees: No
Types of Support:
Face to face
Group/peer support
Over exercising
Types of Service:
Support Group (Carers & Recoverers)