Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group


Thank you for your interest in the Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group. The Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group is a networking, ideas, discussion and interest group for anyone in Scotland with a professional interest in eating disorders. Please note this is NOT a support group for those experiencing eating disorders. 

A group of us started a similar network group in 2012 and it continued until 2016. This was for anyone interested in eating disorders either in a professional capacity from different parts of Scotland, who would like to network, meet for discussions, gatherings, focus groups, social activities, events and lots more.  

The group then hosted various events and gatherings including: large networking afternoon (Glasgow); social outing to the theatre (Edinburgh); discussion groups (Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling); film screening (Glasgow) and lots more! It was known by a different name then and closed in 2016.  

We are now re-launching and re-naming the group in 2019 and it will be known as the Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group. If you're interested in getting involved as part of Planning Group Committee or just want to become a Member and attend events meetings, receive updates etc. , please read on.    


This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in a forward-thinking network that aims to bring a range of individuals, groups and organisations with an interest in eating disorders. Although awareness and discussion of eating disorders is increasing, it’s not enough: we need to talk about eating disorders more so we can improve support and services; conduct more research; listen to the voices of those experiencing eating disorders; improve skills and expand knowledge and reduce stigma and stereotypes. 

Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group also provides those with an interest in eating disorders a space and setting in which to discuss ideas; share information; network; meet others with an interest in eating disorders; gain new skills and knowledge and meet with others who have an interest in eating disorders in a variety of settings (e.g. workshops, meetings, peer supervision, social events, book clubs and more.

It can be lonely working or volunteering in the field of eating disorders at times, can’t it? It’s good to talk to others who work or volunteer in the field of have an interest in developing their work in the field. Sharing knowledge, skills, ideas, experiences and potentially working together is invaluable. Let’s join up and bet to know each other and each other’s work a bit more.  

So if you are working or volunteering in the field of eating disorders, have a professional interest or looking to gain more experience in the field, this networking group may be for you.  

We welcome Members from any area of Scotland who would like to network, meet for discussions, workshops and groups, plan social activities, share and develop ideas, knowledge and skills and lots more. We are always open to other suggestions too.  

As we are re-launching Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group and essentially starting from scratch, it will be small to begin with. Events, groups, gatherings etc. will be planned by the Chair and Planning Group Committee (get in touch if interested in being part of the Planning Group). However, we anticipate Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group growing over the years. This will depend on the number of people interested, number of people who become Members, the type of things we do and so on.

It's important to link up with other people in the field, network and socialise, discover each other’s experiences and opinions, share skills and knowledge, research have discussions and so on to keep this topic alive and hopefully generate more interest and support for eating disorders awareness, education, support and help.


If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group, please email us for a Membership Form. Membership is currently FREE.  Events, meetings etc. will also have a small fee attached to them to help pay for room hire, refreshments and any others costs incurred in us planning and managing events, group etc.  

Although Talking EDs is a for-profit business, this arm of the business i.e. Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group - is voluntary – we are giving our time (and some resources) for free so we can get this set up. 




Member of Professional Body


Referral Criteria & Process

Email or via website


We have professional qualifications in psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, CBT and training/lecturing.


We have been involved with the field of eating disorders since 2000/2001

Tell us if this listing needs updating

Age Groups: (16-18) (19-25) (25+)

We welcome anyone of any age or background to join this networking group a Member or as part of the Planning Group Committee. Please note this is a networking group for those working and volunteering or who have an interest in eating disorders and not a support group offering support to those currently experiencing an eating disorder.

Fees: No

There will be some small fees to cover the cost of any events, meetings, gatherings etc. you attend. We aim to keep these as low as possible (however, venues, refreshments, handouts etc. do need to be covered cost-wise). However, there are no membership fees at this time.

Types of Support:
Face to face
Group/peer support
Binge eating disorder
Body dysmorphia
Body image
Comorbidity (eating disorders and other mental health conditions)
Compulsive overeating
Emotional overeating
Nutrition and dietetics
OSFED - other specified feeding and eating disorders
Over exercising
Self esteem
Types of Service:
Private Practitioner
Types of Treatment:
Other Psychotherapy