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Age Range

5 - 15

Types of Service

NHS Commissioned Service Carer Service Charities and monitored support/peer groups that provide support for people with eating disorders and/or their friends and families



Types of Treatment

Guided self-help Group/Peer Support

Delivery Methods


Group support for anyone caring for a 5 – 15-year-old with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder. Endeavour is for anyone supporting a child with ARFID. That might mean they’re formally diagnosed. Or it might mean that what could seem on the surface like “fussy eating” is worrying you – like your child having few foods they’ll eat, or really struggling with certain food textures.

Endeavour connects you with others caring for a child with ARFID. You’ll join one 90-minute group session a week for two months, where an advisor will guide conversation. You’ll get to talk about your situation, what’s worked, and how to handle challenges, while also learning from and sharing with others. Endeavour is confidential, and completely free.

Referral Criteria & Process

You can self-refer into this Programme using the Go to website button.
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