Emi Looker - Binge Eating Disorder Specialist

Emi`s philosophy includes at its core, Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating, HAES (Healthy at Every Size), Body acceptance and non-diet approach, with the purpose of supporting you to make peace with food and your body, by educating and empowering you towards your natural & healthy state.

No restrictive meal plans or strenuous exercising regime, your achievements are not measured by a number on the scale. Feeling good is the optimal goal!

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Dietetics and Nutrition - BSc (Hons)
Health and Life Coach
Psychology of Eating Coach


Dietetics and Nutrition - BSc (Hons)
Health and Life Coach


Emi Looker is a Psychology of Eating Coach, International Life Coach, Dietitian, Certified Nutritionist.

Emi got qualified by Certified Coaches Federation, received her Bachelor`s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Laureate International Universities then continued further education to get specialised in disordered eating behaviours in the UK.  Emi is very passionate about her career and acquired vast experience working at the Wellbeing industry since 2013.

Emi decided to dedicate her life to support women heal their relationship with food and body after experiencing more than 15 years of emotional eating, binge eating disorder, chronic dieting and distorted body image herself.

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Last Updated: 30/06/2020
Age Groups: (25+)

25 + ideal

Fees: Yes

Food Freedom Programme (Private and Group Coaching available)
Weekly sessions, accountability all the way

  • 60 minutes sessions to get to the core of problem
  • Lifestyle optimisation – stress management tools, psychology of eating techniques to help you stop binge eating.
  • Compassionate approach - judgment free and safe space where you can bring all parts of yourself. 100% confidential.
Types of Support:
Binge eating disorder
Body image
Compulsive overeating
Emotional overeating
Nutrition and dietetics
OSFED - other specified feeding and eating disorders
Over exercising
Self esteem
Types of Service:
Private Practitioner
Support group (carers)
Support Group (recoverers)
Types of Treatment: