My Approach to Therapy  I am a BACP Registered Relational Psychodynamic Counsellor and I have a Doctorate in Psychotherapy specialising in eating disorders and recovery.  My approach to therapy is integrative  and focuses on building a strong and well-connected therapeutic relationship.  What unfolds between us is often a reflection of what transpires in your relationships outside of the therapeutic space.  This is important because eating disorders don't just impact your relationship with food and your body, they interfere with how you see your self, others, and the world around you.  Building a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship can help you to develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, enabling you to develop more positive connections with the people you care about.   I also draw from various approaches including Mindfulness, CBT, and positive psychology in order to offer holistic therapeutic interventions tailored to your individual needs. My Approach to RecoveryI firmly believe that a full recovery is possible, but it involves more than tackling the overt symptoms of disordered eating.  You are more than an eating disorder.  Your symptoms are a way of trying to cope with emotional distress, most of which stems past experiences.  Awareness is the first step to change, and together we can uncover what lies underneath of your eating disorder and fuels it so we can develop new and more positive ways of coping. Recovery also involves figuring out who you are, what your purpose is in life, and how to become the best possible version of yourself.  This might sound a bit overwhelming, but I believe that as humans we are inherently programmed for growth and self-development -- eating disorders stunt this temporarily, leaving you feeling stuck.  The loud critical voice that accompanies disordered eating chips away at your self-esteem, leaving you feeling unable to become 'unstuck' and dependant on the eating disorder to cope.  Together we can find a way of quieting your critical voice so you can access and nourish a kinder and more self-compassionate part of your self - empowering you to expand your world. Additional SupportI also offer support and education to individuals who are caring for loved ones with disordered eating.  Eating Disorder Support Group:  I am excited to announce that I will be facilitating a low-cost 6-week support group for women with eating disorders, starting in January 2018.  It will run on Thursday evenings from 6-730pm, please contact me for details on how to sign up.

I also offer group therapy sessions and therapeutic workshops.

 You are not alone.

Referral Criteria & Process

Please contact me via email or phone and let me know a little bit about yourself and your relationship with food and your body, and what brings you to therapy at this point in your life.  From there we can arrange for an initial consultation, which lasts 50 minutes.  During our initial consultation, I will ask you about your history with disordered eating; your experience of any previous treatment; your relationships with family and your support network; and any other relevant queries based on what emerges from your narrative.  I will also give you an outline of how I work and we can negotiate a set time each week for our sessions if we both agree that we feel a connection and want to proceed.  The latter is important as it's important that you feel comfortable for us to begin building a therapeutic relationship - which is the foundation for our work together. 


- Associate of Arts degree in Psychology - Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology- COSCA Certificate in Counselling - Doctorate in Psychotherapy (specialising in eating disorders and recovery)- Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)I have over 10 years of experience working in the field of mental health in various capacities.  I've worked as a mental health worker, community support worker, victim support worker, counsellor, and as a eating disorders therapist at a private eating disorders clinic in London.  

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Last Updated: 10/05/2019
Age Groups: (19-25) (25+)

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Fees: Yes

£90 / session. Fees for Skype can be negotiated

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Face to face
Group/peer support
Self esteem
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Private Practitioner
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Other Psychotherapy