ARD Therapies: Online Therapy and Downloadable H.O.M.E. Program

The Human Occupational Model for Eating Disorders (H.O.M.E.) course was created by Gwen and Alex Davies.  Gwen is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, she has a degree in public health and a post graduate certificate as a CBT practitioner.  She has 15 years experience within the NHS and private sector as an eating disorder specialist.  She led the Eating Disorder service for the whole of Kent in South East England for the NHS during 2013-2015.  Gwen is registered on The Nursing and Midwifery Council register.  The course is also based upon Alex's own experience as someone who has experienced eating disorders earlier in life and recovered.  As well as his experience as a professional as a state registered Occupational Therapist for 14 years.  He is registered on the Health Care Professions Council register.  

Alex and Gwen have for the last 3 years worked in the private sector jointly in providing support to clients within their community on a face to face basis.  The program is based upon how they support people face to face, by using CBT techniques to challenge certain negative thoughts and to create new positive behaviours and coping strategies.  The downloadable program is the starting point to engage clients who may otherwise not have put themselves forward for therapy.  The program can be done independently or with their online support.  The program is therefore quite informal and tries to gently engage and normalise what many people are suffering from in silent and in secret. 

Member of Professional Body

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Helath Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Referral Criteria & Process

Self referral and instant download. Online support available subject to availability. Currently no waiting list.


Mental Health Nursing CBT Mentalisation Based Techniques Occupational Therapy Personal Training


Public Health Bsc hons Mental Health Nursing Dip Cognitive Behaviour Post Grad Cert Occupational Therapy BSc Hons Advanced Personal Training Dip Philosophy BA Hons


15 Years Mental Health Nursing 13 Years Occupational Therapy 5 Years Eating Disorder Specialist Nurse Practitioner 3 Years Private Sector Eating disorder specialist 2 Years Personal Training Creative authors of H.O.M.E. Interactive Online Program 2018

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Last Updated: 08/04/2019
Age Groups: (0-15) (16-18) (19-25) (25+)
Fees: Yes

Downloadable 6 Weeks Program and support for under £65 per week

Types of Support:
Binge eating disorder
Body dysmorphia
Body image
Comorbidity (eating disorders and other mental health conditions)
Nutrition and dietetics
Over exercising
Self esteem
Types of Service:
Private Practitioner
Types of Treatment:
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Mentalisation based treatment (MBT)
Occupational Therapy