Alexandra O'Brien Eating Disorder Psychotherapist, Trainer and Clinical Supervisor


Thanks for stopping by my profile. Please read on to find out how I can support you with an eating disorder, difficult relationships with food and eating and other things that might be going on in your life just now.

I often receive enquiries from people asking if they have an eating disorder or if their eating and food behaviours, thoughts, feelings and experiences warrant them receiving help and support. My practice as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, trainer/lecturer and formerly as a charity director (eating disorders) and as a researcher in psychology (eating disorders), and my history of working in the eating disorders field since 2001 means that I never discriminate whether someone has a ‘full-blown’ eating disorder; has been formally diagnosed; or meets certain ‘criteria’.  I encourage and welcome anyone who feels their relationship with food and eating is affecting their life to seek support. As far as I am concerned, if your relationship with food and eating is affecting your life in some way – socially, emotionally, psychologically, physically, occupationally etc., you deserve help and support. I am here to listen.

It is important to reassure you that I can provide help, support and information to anyone who feels that they have problems with food and eating and that affects their life negatively in some way. You deserve help and support from someone who really understands and 'gets it'.

I offer a professional, confidential and friendly services tailored to you, individually, in accordance with your own concerns, your way of working, your needs and preferences and your long and short-term goals. I can provide therapy, counselling and support on both a long-term and short-term basis. You are in control of therapy and we go at YOUR pace! Change, progress and recovery takes time and we go at a pace that suits you - no hurrying to get 'better' by a certain date. Weight is only a small part of eating disorders, so please also know that you won't be weighted and I understand that eating disorders can occur at all weights.

I am a fully qualified and accredited Lead Psychotherapist, Clincial Supervisor, Trainer/Lecturer and Psychology Practitioners with experience of working in the field of eating disorders since 2001. I've been providing therapeutic and psychological support since 2009/2010 and have worked with 100s of people experiencing a wide range of eating disorders and disordered eating. Talking to someone who really understands eating disorders is invaluable.

Member of Professional Body

COSCA, BABCP, BPS, Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group, The CBT'ers Club

Referral Criteria & Process

Self-referral/NHS/insurance/third party referral/EAP/other Please contact us via the website or direct email address.




These include: * BA (Hons) Psychology/English (BPS-validated) * MRes/Master of Research in Psychology (completed) * Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (BSCH-validated) * Diploma in Stress Management (ISMA-validated) * COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA-validated) * Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (COSCA-validated) * PDA Diploma in Training (COSCA-accredited) * Certificate in Clinical Supervision (COSCA-accredited) * Doctorate in Psychology (starting in autumn 2021) * Other training/qualifications include: Complete Volunteer Manager Training Group Facilitator Training: Eating Disorders Certificate in Managing Self-Harm Behaviours (BPS-validated) ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills; Training Living Life to the Full Practitioner Training; Running Mindfulness Groups Training; Certificate in Eating Disorder Recovery; Certificate in Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders; Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; and much more. I engage in regular CPD or Continuous Professional Developement ( I have accumulated over 700 hour of CPD in the last 5 years) every year to ensure my knowledge, skills and clinical practice are continually updated and to a high standard to ensure i do the best for my clients at all times.


I am a fully qualified, accredited and insured Lead Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer/Lecturer in Psychotherapy and Counselling (aslo ccredited). I am also Psychology Practitioners, Group Facilitator, Trainer and Clinical Supervisor with professional indemnity insurance, PVGs, ICO Data Protection Certificates. I am a member of various professional bodies and interest groups (COSCA, BABCP, BPS, The CBT’ers Club, SEIG, TEDD) and who engage in regular clinical supervision and CPD. I have been involved in the field of eating disorders since 2001, in the capacity of research psychologist and mentor. I then moved into provided various online support services in 2008 and 2009 and then began providing various individual and group face-to-face support, therapy, counselling, training, support groups and clinical services in 2009/2010. I have provided these services since 2009/2010 and I have been involved in the field of eating disorders in some form or another for over 20 years (since 2001). I have worked with 100s of people (individually, in groups, online and face-to-face) since 2001 as well as being involved in campaigning and policy-making to help improve awareness, recognition and services for eating disorders in the UK. I feel passionately about supporting those experiencing eating disorders, raising awareness of eating disorders and helping to stamp out the stigma and stereotypes that surround eating disorders and disordered eating. I am in the process of setting up a new Carers and Supporters Services for Eating Disorders, so please feel free to get in touch about that too. I lead a team of psychotherapists, counsellors and trainee therapists at my three private practices, as well as lecture/train on eating disorders at a psychotherapy training centre in Glasgow. I also chair a special interest group in eating disorders in west Scotland, as well directly supervise a number of other eating disorder therapists (I am their clinical supervisor). I also manage some trainee/student therapists on clinical placement at our eating disorder centre in Glasgow and work in a research and consultancy role one day per week too.

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Last Updated: 12/05/2021

Talking Eds, Glasgow Therapy Rooms, Fitzgerald Room And Isherwood Room, Regent Business Space, 2nd F
180 West Regent Street
G2 4RW

Age Groups: (16-18) (19-25) (25+)
Fees: Yes
  • £70+ for one-to-one psychotherapy, CBT and counselling with Alexandra, lead psychotherapist
  • (for self-referring individuals - contact me for insurance, EAP and other work/organisational funded appointments)
  • Fees with other psychotherapists and counsellors at my practice:
    • * £20/session (trainee/student therapist)
    • * £47/session (day-time, weekday appointments)
    • * £57/session (evening and weekend appointments)
  • Psychological Assessment and Reports: price available upon request
  • Clinical Supervision: £50 (individual practitioners) (for organisations looking for individual or gorup supervision, please get in touch for fees)
  • Consultations (individual and organisational): price available upon request
  • Support Groups: £10/group session
  • Training, Talks and other Professional Services: prices available upon request
  • Other Service: please get in touch for information and fees

Types of Support:
Face to face
Group/peer support
Guided self-help
Binge eating disorder
Body dysmorphia
Body image
Comorbidity (eating disorders and other mental health conditions)
Compulsive overeating
Emotional overeating
OSFED - other specified feeding and eating disorders
Over exercising
Self esteem
Types of Service:
Private Practitioner
Types of Treatment:
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT)
Other Psychotherapy