Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Sussex

Coronavirus update - 19th December 2020 While all the face-to-face meetings are in recess, we have moved to hold regular weekly meetings in an online format. These AEA online meetings can be accessed from either your phone, desktop, mobile or tablet device. If you would like information about how to join an AEA online meeting, please email 

ABOUT ADDICTIVE EATERS ANONYMOUS (AEA) A 12-step fellowship for those with food addiction or any other food-related issue such as bulimia, anorexia, excessive exercise or dieting. Members share experiences with other food addicts in the hope that they too can find recovery and freedom from food obsession. AEA is a free service. We have face-to-face meetings on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. We also hold monthly worldwide web events, where AEA members from around the world share their stories via video conferences. For more information on how to join these events, please visit the AEA events page.

Anyone is welcome who desires to be free from compulsive eating and food behaviours such as under-eating, over-eating, purging and excessive exercising. The group meets weekly and follows the readings and 12-step recovery programme of AA to help individuals recover from their issues with food and lead freer lives.

Referral Criteria & Process

The weekly meeting in East Sussex is currently on hold due to C-19, however, online AEA meetings across the week can be accessed from either your phone, desktop, mobile or tablet device. To join a meeting visit the AEA website:

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Last Updated: 19/01/2021

Hillcrest Community Centre

Age Groups: (25+)

Addictive Eaters Anonymous is a fellowship for all ages - anyone is welcome who suffers from issues with food such as binging, under-eating, restricting, purging, obsession with weight

Fees: No

The group is fully self-supporting - there are no dues or membership fees

Types of Support:
Group/peer support
Binge eating disorder
Types of Service:
Charity/Voluntary body
Types of Treatment:
Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)